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Add glamour and a feeling of luxury to your table setting to enjoy!
Your table setting does not need more than that. View this in front of you. 10-12 glittering Napkin rings on your table or more is extremely pompous appearance.
These beautiful rings provide the entire luster to your table. When guests take off the rings and put them on the table it becomes a beautiful decoration under dinner.

When you do not use rings. Do not put them in a box. Spread them in the house such as decorations on candlesticks, different tables, so wherever you wish. You know Maria Montazami and her tassels. Use your imagination to embellish your life with beautiful glittering rings around you.

                                                                                           Enjoy the easy way!

Napkin Rings Clear with Diamonds. 4 pieces.
Clear Crystal Napkin Ring and Crystal created diamonds without any further table décor. A few...
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Napking Rings Discrete. 4 pieces
Elegant, practical accoutrements for a luxury table, these handmade pewter rings have small...
SEK 124.50SEK 249
Napkin Rings. Gold. 4 pieces.
Add a little Bling to your table with these inspired napkin rings.
SEK 114.50SEK 229
Napkin Rings. Emerald. 4 pieces.
This gorgeous napkin ring with green Emerald and green diamonds are artificial crystal and...
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Napkin Rings. My heart. 4 pieces
A beautiful gift that will be appreciated very much.
SEK 114.50SEK 229
Napkin Rings. Shappire Blue. 4 pieces.
This sparkling Blue Crystal Napkin Ring gives new meaning to the word BLING!
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Napking Rings. Amber. 4 pieces
Beautiful Amber Crystal Napkin ring. Made of artificial crystal. Add sparkle to your table. Share...
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Napkin Holder Hold me. 4 pieces
Stylish special designed napkin ring with small flowers that hold each other and have a sparkling...
SEK 114.50SEK 229
Napkin Ring My wish tree. 4 pieces.
Gorgeous and sparkly metal Napkin Ring with white and blackAcrylic stones. It is plated with Zinc...
SEK 144.50SEK 289
Napkin Rings Star. 6 pieces
Special designed napkin ring glittery brooch similar. A star with sparkling round white created...
SEK 124.50SEK 249
Napkin Rings. Black Shappire. 4 pieces
Black Napkin Ring gives a great look to your table. They are artificial crystal and artificially...
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Napkin Rings. Ruby. 4 pieces.
SEK 139.50SEK 279