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See how to light an Sky Lantern


Sky Lanterns!

Sky Lanterns creates an amazing visual effect that adds enjoyment and wonder to any special occasion. With Sky Lanterns you can create an inspiring and a memorable moment to remember.

Any occasions, Weeding. Christmas. New Year. Party. Anniversary. your health. Love. Just follow your heart when you ever  want to feel happy or to make someone else happy some time.

They are also a very popular and beautiful idea to use when someone has passed on as a way to say goodbye.

Our Sky Lantern's are environmentally friendly-

Light up the Sky and don´t forget to send a wish!

Enjoy the easy way!

I Love You

I Love You - White
SEK 139.30SEK 199
I Love You - Blue
SEK 139.30SEK 199
I Love You - Pink
SEK 139.30SEK 199
I Love You - Green
SEK 139.30SEK 199
I Love You - Yellow
SEK 139.30SEK 199