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Napkin Rings Clear with Diamonds. 4 pieces.
Clear Crystal Napkin Ring and Crystal created diamonds without any further table décor. A few...
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Tie-pin and Cufflinks. Brilliant
The perfect gift for the man in your life, your friend or father.
SEK 475
Napkin Rings. My heart. 4 pieces
A beautiful gift that will be appreciated very much.
SEK 114.50SEK 229
Pearl set. Butterfly
Black Sapphire set.
SEK 585
Napkin Rings. Emerald. 4 pieces.
This gorgeous napkin ring with green Emerald and green diamonds are artificial crystal and...
SEK 139.50SEK 279
Jewelery Set.Josephine
Give her a gift or just a love gift.
SEK 585
Tiger Striped
These beautiful Tiger striped Cufflinks will make you look good no matter the occasion.
SEK 325
Gorgeous Sapphire set.
SEK 585
Jewlery Blue Glamour
Glamour and luxury!
SEK 725
Candle Bag Stardust - White
Give away a package or two as gifts. It will be highly appreciated.
SEK 149
Napking Rings Discrete. 4 pieces
Elegant, practical accoutrements for a luxury table, these handmade pewter rings have small...
SEK 124.50SEK 249
Napkin Holder Hold me. 4 pieces
Stylish special designed napkin ring with small flowers that hold each other and have a sparkling...
SEK 114.50SEK 229
Napkin Ring My wish tree. 4 pieces.
Gorgeous and sparkly metal Napkin Ring with white and blackAcrylic stones. It is plated with Zinc...
SEK 144.50SEK 289