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Dare To Be Square!

Beautiful plates for serving your starter's, main courses and desserts, at any occasion or time. They are elegant and have very high quality.
Use your imagination!

We also have Square glass. Wine, Champagne and drinking glass. 



Square dinner plate. Black. 10 pieces.
SEK 128SEK 160
Square dinner plate. White.10  pieces.
SEK 128SEK 160
Disposable Deep plate White& goldr. 10 pieces.
Elegant deep plate with very high quality.
SEK 79.20SEK 99
Side plate.10 pieces.
Dare to be Square!
In stock: 0
SEK 64SEK 80
Square Side plate. 10 pieces.
SEK 64SEK 80


Martini glass. 6 pieces.
Square Martini glass.
SEK 72SEK 90
Square Champagne flute. 6 pieces.
Square Champagne flute.
SEK 96SEK 120
Tumblers Whiskey. 14 pieces.
Square. Whiskey glass
SEK 55.20SEK 69
Tumblers. 14 pieces.
Square Tumblers.
SEK 63.20SEK 79
Square coffe/tea Clear  Mug. 8 pieces.
SEK 79.20SEK 99