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I Want to thank my dear customers who take the time to come back with feedback tor us, it warms. Thanks again. Warmest regards, Annette Hansson

Ellen Oseng . Gothenburg 
Set designer, costume designer, props. For the movie Fast Cash 2.

Hi Annette!

Your fine Papers Lanterns was a success when we were filming an outdoor wedding in late October. We were a bit worried about the weather, if it would start raining and blowing, and if they wanted to cope with the terrible autumn weather in Gothenburg. They did!
Very beautiful with 50 pink paper Lanterns against all nice fall colors.

Unfortunately I cannot give you any pictures from the movie before it premiered. It comes to the cinema in September/ October next year.

Best regards.

Relevent AB. Gothenburg
Event & Communication Agency.
Therése Weibull.  Project leadar.

Hi Annette
We organize many large events to smaller and larger companies. It was really fun to find the easy way. We have never seen such beautiful disposables ever.
The Rectangular 1000 plates which we bought from you were very nice and our customers were very satisfied. We will definitely shop at your shop  several times..

Hi Annette
Roland from Stockholm.

I am very satisfied with my products.
The Easy Way solved my problem. How do I quickly get 24  Martini galss to my party without the cost of a fortune?Then it was a fast delivery which is highly appreciated. Ordering Thursday afternoon.
And I had the glasses Friday afternoon.
Conclusion Fast and affordable!

Hi Annette.
Lee from Stockholm.
Your plates, knives, and forks are fantastic. My party table looked

extremely elegant

Jessica from Gothenborg.

Hi Annette

Midsummer Party for 100 people. I have bought 100 White plates with silver edge, side plates and wine glasses as well. Huge success, we were very pleased. We will ill definitely make more purchases with you.
Everything was great! Sending pictures soon to you. Hug. Jessica.


Magnus from Lund.

Hi Annette.

I am happy to come back with feedback. The party was very successful. All my guests were amazed at your products. Everything, champagne and wine glasses, plates, cutlery. It was so luxurious to avoid the dishes for once. My wife was very pleased. Both me and my guests will buy from you again. Thanks lot  for a very good service and fast delivery.

Christina from Knislinge

Hi Annette
We are very pleased with our purchase. Plates and glasses in silver. A very friendly response  I received when I called it means a lot, and very nice website
We have only good things to say about you so we will tell as many as we can about your products.
Thanks again for everything.

Elisabeth from Ystad.

Hi Annette
Must really thanks my husband for the beautiful jewelry that he bought for me .at your shop
I felt and feel very beautiful every time I wear this set. I will definitely buy from you and recommend on to everyone I know. Thanks again.

Margareth from Bara.

Hi Annette
I am very happy with my jewelry that I bought from you. I get compliments every time I wear my set. Will definitely buy from you again and recommend further. Thank you for a very good service.

Stefan from the Höör.

Hi Annette
Accelerating to e-mail confirmation of order .Very satisfied with my purchase.
Very nice to talk to and very very quick delivery.
Recommended very warmest

Anne from Copenhagen.

Hi Annette
What lovely napkin rings, have never seen that kind before. My guests did not stop talking about the rings all night. Thanks for the tip to spread them in different place in the house. How nice it is when I have those on my candlesticks, it sparkles so nicely.

Kristina from Falun

Hi Annette
I am very happy with my purchase of the plates and cutlery,Will definitely buy from you again and recommend further.Wishyou all luck with your business!


Tuula from Stockholm

Hi Annette

Clear ordering page. Fantastic feedback. My order and the goods arrived quickly. Good quality of plates and glasses that I bought. Very happy and I can see myself buying from you again.