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On our website you can find everything you need when organizing weddings, parties, catering, dinners, graduation parties etc.

The idea of this web shop came to mind when we had to arrange many parties where we had to buy or hire dinner sets. It was a big frustration when we had to use the existing, boring and unattractive porcelain. Or we bought dinner sets that could not meet our standards through the whole evening. After months of research we have found the best quality and most exclusive disposable products.

We took matters into our own hands, and after months of searching the world, we have finally found "it".

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our new collection of exclusive one-off products. They are affordable and have high quality. The other products are complementary decoration and jewelry. "Everything for the successful party."

During those past 20 years we have had our own business (CH & Partners) and worked as Consultants for both smaller and bigger companies. We organize conferences, seminars, kick-off's, entertainment, etc. with great success.

Through our work and the many thousands of conferences we have organized, we have established the best relations with hotels, castles, catering, restaurants, bus companies, photographers and entertainers in Scandinavia.

Let us know your needs and how we can help you.

We are consultants who offer you professional advice to guide you through your plans. If there is a conference, party, wedding or kick-off – Your needs define our priority!

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