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luxury jewelry for the party or everyday life.

Are you a party princess, a social lion, a carrier person, host/hostess or a generous soul, we at the easy way knows that jewelry is one of the best ways to put glamour and enliven your life.

the easy way offer jewelry with meticulous chosen Moissanite gemstones professionally hand-set onto 18K gold plated copper or brass. Moissanite gemstones have brilliance, fire, luster and hardness that match diamond, ruby, emerald, and other fine luxurious gemstones. Our series of collections are made from Russian gemstones of the Moissanite quality and grade. Take a look through our great collection and pamper yourself or a dear friend with a “gold” lining in his or her life.

Enjoy the easy way!


Jewlery pearl set. Brilliant
SEK 409.50SEK 585
Cufflinks Black and White
This pair of Black and white Cufflinks is sure to add a sense of masculine style and timeless...
SEK 227.50SEK 325
Necklace & Earring. Star
Glamour and luxury!
SEK 409.50SEK 585
Cufflinks and Tie-pin. Brilliant
Elegant set of Cufflinks and tie-pin with white gold plating. 6 small round created diamonds...
SEK 332.50SEK 475
Bracelet Black Romance
This attractive and romantic bracelet features the alluring sparkle of midnight black Sapphires...
SEK 332.50SEK 475
Cufflinks Tiger Striped
These beautiful Tiger striped Cufflinks will make you look good no matter the occasion.
SEK 227.50SEK 325
Cufflinks Royal  Heart Ace
Aces of hearts Gambling Cufflinks are a perfect hand to any one who likes to play cards.
SEK 209.30SEK 299
White Romance
Luxury and trendy!
SEK 409.50SEK 585
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